Our Story

It all started in the summer of 2019 when Vidur was celebrating his 26 th birthday with his family in Kashmir. While in a park, he was deeply pained by the sight of garbage strewn about in a land considered as ‘Paradise on Earth’. Instinctively, he started cleaning the place. Soon his sister Vidushi joined and others in the park followed suit. In a few hours, the entire area was clean. This got the brother-sister duo thinking about the need to find a solution for the humungous problem of waste that is always surrounding us.

Vidur has been an avid traveller and during his journeys across the world, he has witnessed the havoc human waste has caused even in the most pristine places of the earth. Finally, he decided to leave his lucrative career with a hospitality bigwig to start a small but meaningful venture of his own.

Vidushi is a hardcore animal lover. A dentist   by profession, she is extremely conscious of the harm that plastic and other waste causes to animals.

Along with his sister, Vidur has founded For Earth’s Sake, to make the planet not just safe for people but for all its creatures.