Consultancy Services

Every business, small or large, has an impact on the environment. Some changes can help reduce the negative impact of the business on the environment. Our team helps businesses from different areas overcome the negative impact of supply chain emissions, company processes and day to day processes that can be changed to have a neutral effect on environment, if not positive.


Our team enables organizations from different backgrounds adapt to the changes required to be more sustainable as a whole. Hospitals, music festivals, corporate offices, manufacturing units, schools and other clients can benefit from small changes to motivate their teams to be more sustainable!


For Earth’s Sake’s team helps organizations not only with knowledge sharing to enable the employees to be more aware but also helps in finding new vendors for a more sustainable business model.

Sustainability Audit: The process revolves around trying to understand the processes of your organisation and assessing the impact on the environment.

Sustainability Report: Our team prepares a detailed report with information about the impact of the processes and the changes that can be implemented to have a positive environment impact.

Knowledge Sessions:  Our team will help in conducting DIY workshops and training session for your employees to ensure that the transition happens at all levels.

Vendor Allocation: Our team will help in execution of the suggested changes by directly connecting you to the right vendors. We will ensure that you get the best quotes without any middle men!

Hand holding stage: Our team will be available at all steps of the transition to ensure that the switch to a sustainable environment takes place without any hassles.


The first step to change is to ask questions and discuss with the right people.

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