Why For Earth’s Sake?

Planet + People

Plastic has been around for less than a century. Yet it has changed everything in our lives. From the packaging of the food we eat to the containers of products we use in our homes or on our bodies, it is found everywhere. Unfortunately, only 9% of the plastic in the world is recycled and rest all ends up either in landfills/oceans or is burnt. Plastic that goes untreated into nature contaminates the life present there, be it marine or land-based. Eventually, those micro-plastics filled with chemicals
find a way back to the food chain and end up poisoning our bodies.

It is rightly said then - We are what we throw away. By living a zero-waste life you stop the cycle of creating waste. It is reimagining the way we live by investing in products that are good, not just for us but for the planet too.

By keeping nature clean, you help reduce the degradation of its elements – EARTH, WATER, FIRE and AIR. That’s not all. You also help the people and animals who are directly affected by the adverse effects of pollution.

By choosing a zero-waste lifestyle we can fine-tune our legacy and reinforce our commitment to society and the environment.

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