While coronavirus still remains at its height in most countries all over the world, the zero waste lifestyle enthusiasts have been questioning whether the movement can survive this or not.

On March 21, Lauren Singer, arguably the foremost influencer of the zero waste movement, posted a message which was very different from most of her posts. “Two weeks ago, when the reality of COVID-19 set in, I made some choices that went against the way I have lived my life for almost a decade” she wrote revealing that she had purchased tons of plastic and thus created more waste in one shopping trip than she had over the course of several years. 


Health and safety should be your top priority but you can still make an effort to make your life waste-free even during the coronavirus. Here are a few ways to keep your life waste free in the following months.

  • Start Using Reusable Face Masks: It is recommended to wear a medical mask to cover your nose and mouth during the outbreak. However, instead of using a disposable mask you can use a cloth face mask to save needles waste. You just have to properly sanitize the mask every time you use it. 

  • Ditch Take Out and Start Cooking: All of us like to have snacks every now and then but during the current period you should start cooking your own meals and say goodbye to take outs. Not only does it help you cut packaging and food waste but also helps you clean up your diet.
  • You might also realise how much money you can save by cooking at home! 

  • Buy in Bulk: There are times when you might be forced to buy something packaged in plastic. When this happens, buying in bulk is a great way to reduce package waste. At the same time, if you shop in bulk your utilities would last longer and you won’t need to go shopping again quickly.

  • Don’t forget about Package Free Shopping: Package free shopping can also stay a part of your lifestyle during the covid-19 outbreak. Most of the stores even let you scope products like rice, nuts and cereal and put them in reusable bags. Some of them even offer milk and vegetables in returnable jars. 
  • FES Reusable Bag
    On your part, carry a reusable bag every time you have to go grocery shopping. They are most convenient and help reduce a major part of the waste generated by you. You can also carry reusable cups while getting coffee and switch to metal straws instead of plastic ones. Earth’s sake offers a range of different metal rust proof straws.
  • Use-Eco Friendly Products to Clean Your Home : Since the need to regularly sanitize your home has increased it’s a good time to permanently switch to eco-friendly surface cleaners, soaps and wipes. They remain just as effective as traditional cleaning products. 

  • Carry a reusable bottle at all times so you don’t come in contact with any germs while buying water while you are outside. Beeswax candles are also a great substitute for air fresheners which are manufactured with various toxic chemicals. These candles are chemical free and emit a naturally delicate scent of honey.
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