How dare you?" asked Greta! Five ideas to embrace a zero waste lifestyle "For Earth's Sake.

When Climate activist Greta Thunberg roared at the UN Climate Action Summit 2019, she bellowed “How Dare You!” The same year, a similar story was brewing in the Northern parts of India. A brother-sister duo of Vidur and Vidushi Mayor were equally agonized to witness the tragedy of waste products being scattered in the mighty lands of Kashmir.

Being aghast of the unfortunate scenery, the duo settled to open an enterprise promoting an active stance for embracing a zero waste lifestyle. Thus, took birth the idea “For Earth’s Sake.”

Not to be taken by the name, it is certainly not an environmental NGO seeking to restore balance but is a zero waste lifestyle store cum café housed at Galleria, Market IV in Gurugram with a similar vision.

This article outlines the five ideas shared by the founders who envisaged capturing like-minded passionate individuals who wish for an alternative lifestyle.

 1) A passionate undertaking is required

Being first-of-its-kind, ‘For Earths Sake’ is a zero-waste lifestyle cum café striving to reduce waste generation by avoiding the use of single use plastics and implementing alternative and sustainable practices for daily needs and dining out options. It is a great possibility that we start taking active initiatives that may sound unpopular to be implemented than just keep thinking about change. Thinking needs to bear fruit or else what use does it have. We should proudly march forward by being the change we wish to see in the world and so one has to be determined and passionate for such an undertaking.

2) A culture to be shared and practised.

The café is famous for its Zero Waste Culture practice, which is shared throughout products and food, served at the cafe. It is fulfilling when you see more and more people appreciate and endorse the culture. This is a statistic that people are interested in embracing this culture. It’s just with the opportunities to converge at such intersections.

3) A desire to partake fresh and healthy meal.

Avoiding the packaged and the junk is a massive step forward in preventing the wastage and litter. An alternative to it is a tasty and healthy meal amongst the various types of food offered at similar café’s and outlets. This is slowly gathering momentum as people are getting concerned about their health and well-being. Just to give you an example, fruits hardly ever come in packaged form. One purchases it raw and fresh from the market. Dependence on junk is slightly on the decline but we have a lot of ground to cover before being optimistic of an immediate resolve.

Just wanted to bring to your notice, you may also try our range of expertly brewed coffee if you ever plan to visit us.

4) Dependence on local markets and ingredients

This is a smart move if we endeavor to eliminate the dependence on 

imported products.  Besides hefty prices, which could be used for a better cause, the Indian market is ripened with various ingredients including our spices and vegetables. It could create a perfect blend of western concept with an improvised version of home prepared dish.

The idea truly is to reduce the dependence on waste producing materials. Nothing should come from a packaged tube or container including the breads, the dips and the other components of the dishes.

5) Creative solutions and designs could be incorporated to enhance the dependence on natural processes for living.

This is an important component of living in the 21st century, which is already overladen with an unhealthy dependence on the exploitation of resources. We need to start accepting ideas that work on improving the dependence on artificial resources generating pollution of any kind. Here in our café we have used tall windows and the cafe has hardly any use of electrical lights till evening as the natural light takes care of the lighting.

You should drop by the evenings; the bustling energy of working people who come here to have our meals actually illuminates it. Some have appreciated our in-house prepared Mushroom & Bean Patty Burger, Date Walnut Cake Slice, Falafel Wrap, Chocolate Tart, and Watermelon Spicer Cooler. Cold coffee is my personal favorite.

To conclude, a clear reason behind opening For Earth’s Sake was to have a sustainable planet-friendly alternative, which was at the core of our thought process. We settled by providing services in dining and restaurant sector because of a personal weariness of consuming food with packaged sauces and breads that were mass manufactured and contributed to unnecessary wastage.

Hope our concept and the ideas struck a chord with you.

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