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Denttabs toothpaste tablets – Mint flavor Plastic Free 31 pieces with fluoride

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1 bag with 31 DENTTABS toothpaste tablets with fluoride, plastic-free *sufficient for 30 days with daily use with 1 tablet each

DENTTABS Toothpaste Tablets are The Sustainable Alternative to toothpaste. They are plastic-free, ecological and free from chemical preservatives, artificial stabilizers and any other unnecessary ingredients!DENTTABS Toothpaste Tablets are certified 100% Natural by BDIH,Germany with NO MICROPLASTICS. DENTTABS are vegan, water saving, safe in temperature range -50 to 50 deg C and travel safe. DENTTABS Toothpaste Tablets come in compostable plastic free packaging.
Naturally shiny, beautiful and ultra smooth teeth

Benefits of Fluoride in DENTTABS

  • Fluoride ions in DENTTABS work direct in the mouth without any wastage since it’s in dry formulation
  • Helps repair sore tooth necks
  • Helps in re-mineralization at the tooth necks and root surfaces of teeth, giving immediate relief to sensitive teeth
  • Repairs tooth enamel giving shiny teeth on regular usage

DENTTABS does not brush your teeth, but instead polishes them naturally using the finest micro cellulose. As a result, it gives shiny teeth, so no deposits can stick to the smooth tooth surfaces. And without Plaque, no tartar or tooth cavities can form. DENTTABS Toothpaste tablets has stevia extracts which hinder plaque formation and decrease tooth mineralization. As an intense sweetener, Stevia extracts cannot be fermented by oral bacteria and hence are non-erosive and non-cariogenic. It protects your tooth enamel Naturally!

We would like to remind you:

DENTTABS polishes your teeth. This requires a particularly soft tool. We therefore recommend using For Earth's Sake bamboo toothbrushes.