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Why should you adopt a zero-waste lifestyle?

With no solution in sight to the world's overflowing landfills, there is no better time than now to try a zero-waste lifestyle. Take a moment to stir up your imagination. What if one day we run out of spaces to dump our garbage? All of our landfills start overflowing, all the water bodies have dried up and there’s only waste left everywhere. The world will come to a halt and everyone will start altering their behaviour and habits so as to not produce any more trash. Why not start doing that today? Although the obvious benefits of producing no garbage...

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5 Challenges while adopting a zero-waste lifestyle and how to overcome them

If you are reading this, there’s a good possibility that you are considering switching to a zero-waste lifestyle and while you are excited to finally make a difference to the ongoing environmental crisis, you might be a tad bit scared of all the challenges that might come your way while pursuing this green lifestyle.  For that reason, we have sought out 5 challenges that you are bound to face while following this zero waste lifestyle and what can you do to overcome them: Getting overwhelmed before starting: The biggest challenge is making the first step. We are constantly reading a...

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5 Changes you need to make in your lifestyle in order to practice zero waste

Stepping towards a zero-waste lifestyle may seem like a daunting task and it doesn’t take place overnight. It’s a process of trial and error backed with a lot of research. Therefore, if you are interested in switching to a zero-waste lifestyle, we are here to provide you with a beginner’s guide on what should be your first few steps to kickstart this sustainable journey: Streamline what you bring in your house: This is essentially a study on what trash you generate and how to manage it. This goes for the food we buy, the clothes we wear and the household...

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Vishal Saini

Will the zero-waste movement make a significant impact?

You have done your research, you have taken inspiration from people leading the zero waste movement and you are now making conscious efforts to switch to eco-friendly alternatives. However, now you’re beginning to wonder whether your efforts are making an actual impact or not.  Pat yourself. The signs are good. The world is finally embracing the concepts championed by the movement and effects are beginning to show! CIRCULAR ECONOMY TAKES THE LEAD Apart from more individuals practising sustainability, multinational companies have started to embrace the movement as well. Stores and entire shopping centres dedicated solely to zero waste have sprung...

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